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A name squeeze page is the best way to ask your visitor for their name and email address so you can follow them up later. Your name squeeze page is simply to squeeze names and email addresses out of your website visitors. It is a very effective way of adding people to your opt-in list. The name squeeze page is a very effective list building tool.

You would think every marketer would be using squeeze pages but this is not so. It is accepted that people don't like to give their names and e-mail addresses but how do you expect to get their names and email addresses if you have not even asked or worse still, you don't know how to ask?

People want to be fully assured that they will not be spammed. Since no one likes spam it makes sense to include an anti spam statement on your squeeze page stating that you will not sell their email address to a third party. And abide by it! Or simply lose credibility.

When it comes to getting people to opt in you simply must give your visitors a good enough reason to do so. Give them something of value in exchange for their contact details.

You need to tell your would be subscriber "What's in it for them". This is best done using bullet points. There should really be no distractions on your name squeeze like AdSense for instance. You want to focus the mind of your would be subscriber to opt in and get a free gift.

You need a very good eye catching and benefit laden headline for your name squeeze page. Red has been tipped to be a good colour for your headline. It is also best if your visitor does not have to scroll down the page looking for where to put their name and email address - you want to make opting in very easy.

If you have a graphic for your free gift then this can also increase opt ins to your list. People generally like to see what they are getting.


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